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Hound of Honor?

Hound of Honor?

As many of you have seen, I have a dog Butters that comes to the shop every now and again. He wears his little bowtie collar and helps brides find their dream dress. Unfortunately, my husband and I got him after our wedding. I would have loved to incorporate him into our big day.
There are so many ways an animal can be involved in your wedding. First, you have to decide what role you want your pet to play. A Ring Bearer? A Hound of Honor? A Flower Pet? Once you figure our their role, you should follow these steps to make sure everything goes seamless!
1. Make sure your Venue allows pets on their location.
2. Make sure you have a “handler” for the pet. You will be so busy that day, you should put someone else in charge of keeping an eye on your pet.
3. Groomers! Bring your pet to the groomers and get him/her spiffed up for the big day.
4. Make sure you take lots of pictures! Capture that moment so you can remember how cute they were.

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