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200 mcg Misoprostol - Buy generic Misoprostol online

Wedding favors have come along way over the years.  The common ones used to be mints or five Jordan almonds. The five Jordan almonds symbolized the five hopes of the new family: wealth, health, longevity, happiness, and fertility. Now, couples have become so creative when […]

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As many of you have seen, I have a dog Butters that comes to the shop every now and again. He wears his little bowtie collar and helps brides find their dream dress. Unfortunately, my husband and I got him after our wedding. I would […]

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Your wedding is getting close and you don’t have your gown yet. You are also on a budget and are getting nervous. Sound familiar? A lot of brides in this situation resort to looking online. And in search of the perfect gown, you find a […]

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Everyone always asks me why I opened The Savvy Bride. I expect that being that I have only been open for 3 months but this has been a huge dream of mine since I was a child. I always knew I was an entrepreneur and […]

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